Manky Neko - Lottery no.2

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* 'Manky Neko' - Painted Edition - no.2
* Soft Vinyl - proudly made in Hong Kong
* Edition of 10
* Stands 7.5" tall
* High gloss clear coat
* Comes bagged with header card

* $200 USD + Shipping
(Worldwide shipping $25USD / Australia wide shipping $10 USD)
Ships within one week of payment received.

* Lottery opens 7:30pm Saturday 2/6/18 (Melbourne /Australian time) and closes 7:30pm 3/6/18 (Melbourne /Australian time).

* Winners will be notified by email within 4 hours of lottery ending. I'm sorry that I don't have time to respond to people who missed out on this lottery. There will be many more! Your support means a lot, so THANK YOU!!! 

* Payment Information will be sent to winners within 12 hours of Lottery ending. 
If payment isn't made within 12 hours of receiving confirmation then your place will be fortified and offered to the next in line.



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